Nurturing Mid-Life Women into their Authentic Fulfilling Second-Halves of Life!

  • Do you wonder WHAT NOW?
  • Are you done raising your kids or your business and think WHAT IS NEXT?
  • Are you unclear about WHAT DO I REALLY WANT NOW?
  • Or ¬†even bigger,WHO AM I NOW?

Well the beautiful thing is that you are asking yourself these questions! Now you can begin the adventure and explore what are the most meaningful values, desires and dreams for you now and moving forward into your second half.

As women, this challenging time of transition also happens to be a VERY powerful one. We are often no longer dedicating ALL of our energy attention to our families or careers. That energy now is just for ourselves. Midlife Women are poised to reassess who they are now and realize the places they want to learn, grow and get creative.

I consider this a Sacred Transition for mid-life women to step deeper into knowing themselves, loving themselves and living from their own authentic passion and purpose. I am blessed to know that my fulfilling passion is walking with women through their sacred transitions into their full expression, talents and authentic lives.