Who is your Goddess Rising?

Do you feel exhausted and run down by the stress and worries in your head ? Are you over-working and under accomplishing? Do you feel blocked from the success, prosperity and abundant life you are yearning for?

Dr. Kate Dow offers Empowered Women Fear-less Training Program to help entrepreneurs and coaches awaken spiritually, clear blocks and know their Goddess Rising so that they can step into expressing their full Soul potential in their lives and businesses. With compelling teachings, stories and practices, she gently guides women back into relationship with their inner wisdom, abilities and own personal power.

Dr. Kate will teach you:
  1. Why the ways you have tried to stop the mind blocks have not solved it.
  2. This Fear-Less path using feminine archetypes and mind, body, spirit aspects.
  3. Simple, dynamic techniques to skillfully reduce your worries and change your biology.
  4. How to regain inner peace, confidence, and trust in yourself and your full-potential.
  5. Why this Fear-Less program is deeply advantageous and effective for entrepreneurial women.

Dr. Kate Dow conceived this approach from her own life journey and transformative work with clients over 30 years to create a streamlined program that is practical, heart-based and potent. She includes The Four Agreements by her prior mentor Don Miguel Ruiz in her teachings to inspire women to embrace their feminine authority, expertise and abundance.

Your Powerful Life is Waiting for You!

 Meet Dr. Kate

As a Holistic Psychologist and Empowerment Coach, Kate Dow PhD has been devoted to supporting adults, couples and families for over 30 years. She has been in private practice 23 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dr. Kate earned her B.S. in Biological Psychology at the UCSB in 1986 and then her M.A. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University for Humanistic Studies in 1994.

Dr. Kate works from a multidisciplinary, heart-centered approach, combining her clinical psychology background with wholistic mind-body wellness…