My Approach

Image of Woman in Sun Kate works from a very heart- centered approach. Her primary philosophy after working with women for almost thirty years is that when women can truly love, accept and know themselves, anything beyond that becomes simple.

Combining positive and transpersonal psychology, women's wellness coaching, ancient wisdom teachings and new brain energizing techniques, Kate offers you the opportunity to focus on yourself and cultivate the authentic life you have dreamed of. See testimonials of people who have experienced this.


Benefits of Working With Kate:

  • Learning to Trust yourself
  • Honoring what you know and need
  • Clearing all the blocks to Loving yourself
  • Practicing wholistic wellness daily
  • Redefining your relationships and patterns
  • Making conscious, loving, self-empowering choices
  • Transforming your inner critic into a helper
  • Defining and walking your authentic meaning and purpose life