Who I Am

Image of Kate Dow PhD, LPCCAs a successful psychologist and licensed psychotherapist, Kate Dow PhD has been devoted to supporting adults, couples and families for the past 29 years. She has been in private practice 19 years, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kate earned her B.S. in Biological Psychology at the University of California in Santa Barbara in 1986. She earned her M.A. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University for Humanistic Studies in Del Mar, California in 1994.

Kate works from a multidisciplinary approach, combining her biological and clinical psychology background with wellness coaching and ancient wisdom teachings. Kate brings current psychological, neurological and mind-body research that guide her use of specific modalities and personal development programs i.e., mindfulness and Higher Brain Living (R). Kate's own life healing experiences bring her empathy and groundedness, while her many years of metaphysical and spiritual apprenticeships and studies, broaden her spiritual and consciousness- centered orientations in her work.

Kate is now devoted to mi-life women and work with the Divine Feminine. Kate has always aligned with Carl Jung's work with archetypes and is now using the feminine archetypes as a nurturing facilitator in women's understanding and embodying their authentic selves. This work quickly supports the emergence of the True Self which guides women in their dharma- their soul path.

Professional Qualifications

PHD in Counseling Psychology

Certified Gestalt Therapist

Certified EMDR practitioner

Certified Wellness Inventory Coach.

Kundalini Yoga Certified Instructor.

Certified Standard Facilitator Higher Brain Living (R)

Kate's passion is inspiring mid-life professional women to tap into their deeper knowing of who they are and manifest their purposeful joyous second-halves in life. Kate creates an environment of mutuality and respect that infuses trust , care and reverence in her collaborations with people. Her accessible, intuitive, and kind presence is engaging and highly supportive for her clients.

Kate's personal journey

As a child, Kate felt inherent joy and spiritual connectedness mostly in the form of nature and trees. Being introduced by her mother to holistic health, metaphysics, and spirituality at a young age was a natural fit for her. Early on, she was conscious that life was hard for people. At 12, she intuited that her own life would be a very difficult journey. Yet she could also see that later in life, she would return to her "self," which indeed was accurate.

Her life story included a history of family alcoholism and neglect, years of depression and anxiety, difficult relationships and an abusive marriage. She suffered a severe perinatal mood disorder and PTSD during the pregnancy and postpartum with both children. With a challenging divorce and 17 years of single-parenting her two children, she has worked diligently to move past "surviving" to a state of thriving, wellbeing and consciousness.

Through many forms of psychological, spiritual and mind-body wellness work, Kate has reconnected with herself and continues to grow and elevate her life experience with passion and soul purpose.