Who I Serve

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To nurture and inspire midlife professional women to awaken to powerful opportunity for transformation and empowerment in their second half of life.

Kate works with midlife professional women who are at the stage of "What is next?" and "Who am I now?" and What do I really want?"

Women may have many different forms of transitions during this stage of life.Whatever the specific focus, women in their midlife have this powerful time to reconfigure who they are and begin a new way of living. Creating a fulfilling meaningful second half of life is what I love facilitating women through!

Kate's clients often identify readiness to work when they:

  • Feeling alone and disconnected from themselves and their lives
  • Experience confusion and lost about what is meaningful anymore
  • Are unhealthy or dissatisfied from overworking, losses or stress
  • Feel stuck in old patterns and habits they want different
  • Worry more about pleasing others than themselves

Kate's experience with clients has shown her that you will get much better results when you are:

  • Willing to begin receiving the your own internal soul guidance
  • Willing to explore to get clarity about what you really want and need
  • Willing to step out of your familiar zone and dream about what if
  • Willing to be coachable and open to being unconditionally supported
  • Willing to spend your time, energy and resources on yourself without derailing
  • Willing to be lovingly accountable for your choices so you can learn
  • Willing to gently move out of fear and into curiosity with your life

Ready to explore?