Express Yourself. Get Creative!

The other day I had this explosive need to paint. Now I am not an artist however I love watercolors. I hadn't picked up paints in a long time. I am usually busy seeing clients, parenting my two children,  practicing yoga, managing my practice....I live with my two children who, like other teens are either on their phone looking at Ifunny, playing a video, facebook, texting friends while they are on their computer or watching TV! This is the world we live in and can get lost in. It is all input with little out put.

We can screen ourselves to death and forget how to move the energy from internal creativity to outside expression. It is so easy to be taking in the world through our eyes and ears -forgetting how to be present with ourselves -our deeper inner well of wisdom and creative juices. Just let your intuitive juices flow!!!   And see where your energy goes and how your sense of self changes...

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