Image of Bridge in Bright ForestOnce Kate and you have agreed to work together and an initial appointment has been set, Kate will email the appropriate packet of office policies to you. For you convenience, you can download the HIPPA Office Polices and HIPPA Notice of Privacy Practices here. These are agreements of how I will keep you information private and confidential. Kate will ask that you read and sign them prior to your initial visit.

In addition,Kate follows the Ethics and Confidentiality standards according to HIPPA Rules and Regulations. Kate works in compliance with the New Mexico Counseling Practice and Licensing Board Rules and Regulations in New Mexico, as well as International Federation of Coaches Ethics Guidelines.

As stated in the Office Policies, the Cancellation Policy is created to respect everyone's time. It is expected that you will give a 48-hour notice when you need to cancel and that you will reschedule within that week. When it is an emergency, Kate will work with you to reschedule. Retreats, Classes, and Workshops have specific cancellation policies listed with event information. For further information or questions, contact Kate.