Image of LighthouseKate offers a number of ways to work with people. Depending on your needs and readiness/ability to invest in yourself, please review the following rates and see what the best fit is for you.

Please note: New Mexico State law requires that we include gross receipt tax (% 8.1875) on all services. For your convenience, all tax has been included in pricing below.


Current rate for weekly individual sessions is $197/per session(tax included). Sessions are 55 minutes long. Outside of our weekly 55min sessions, you are welcome to engage in 1-2 brief email exchanges per month where we can address challenges or successes related to your goals.

Bi-monthly sessions for 75 minutes each run $269/per session (tax incl). Outside of our weekly 75 min sessions, you are welcome to engage in 1-2 brief email exchanges per month where we can address challenges or successes related to your goals. See packages for value savings below.


Kate's packages offer an alternative schedule of every other week sessions for a GREAT VALUE and reduced investment for 6 or 12 or 24 sessions. Each package includes 1-2 brief email exchanges per week where we can address challenges or successes related to your goals. These packages are paid on a monthly basis at the beginning of each service month until the balance is covered. These packages are created to allow for a fuller commitment to yourself and the goals you want to manifest:

6 Session Package ($1183 VALUE) to be used over 3 months
$1093 or $374/month* tax included for 3 months -SAVE $90!

12 Session Package ($2364 VALUE), to be used over 6 months
$2064 or $355/month* tax included for 6 months-SAVE 300!

24 Session Package ($4727 VALUE) to be used over 12 months

$3887 or $334/month* tax included for 12 months- SAVE $839!!

*Monthly recurring charges added on, when using visa monthly through i.e.,paypal, square for payments.




For those who are ready to dive in, half-day and full day retreats are offered for people who want to make an impact in their life and want to get there much sooner than later:

The Me First Half Day Retreat for 4 hours (240 minutes) at the amazing low rate of $490 - focused times for you to get things moving.

The It is All About Loving Me Full Day retreat is 7 hours, includes vegetarian lunch . This powerful self development and empowerment retreat is a bargain at $850 - ti initiate your new directions in your life NOW!


Group retreat rates vary on the length and size of the retreat.Please review the Calendar for more information per event.


Professional CEU workshops,  trainings, and speaking engagements are priced individually and accordingly. See upcoming events in the Calendar.


Payments in person include cash or check, payable to Sacred Transitions, Inc. or Dr. Kate Dow.


Kate uses Paypal and Square for online payments. This allows people without a paypal account to pay with the convenience of a  credit card. For people who have a paypal account, Kate can send you an invoice that needs to be paid before the session on the day of service. Please note that the credit card charges incurred by paypal and square are forwarded to the client and added onto the fee.


Kate keeps a few slots for clients who truly need a sliding scale rate. You can email Kate and see if these are available.


If you want to get creative and come up with an alternative option that fits your lifestyle, write it up and email it to Kate and see what is possible to get you living the life you have always wanted!