Dr. Kate Dow offers a refreshing, wholistic and realistic approach to her work. As a woman/mom/wife business owner I found Dr. Kate to be invaluable in terms of steering me through the challenges that women & super achievers face as business owners. Kate gets it. She is wise, knowledgeable and insightful. For those of us that face the challenge of wanting it all professionally and personally, Dr. Kate clearly has the power and experience to help guide us to the successfull, all encompassing, all empowering results we all seek. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Kate Dow.


Lauren E,

Dr. Kate went above and beyond my expectations of being a knowledgeable, supportive and caring therapist/coach. She is very professional, supportive and experienced in her field. I am having understanding for the first time in my life about what it means to love myself. Dr. Kate has given me "tools" to be a more self-caring individual.  I now have an inner peace, a stronger faith and a much more fulfilling life.

Carla C,

I met Dr. Dow at a most confusing time in my life.  I knew something had to change but had no idea if I was up for it, if I really had the strength to really open up and listen to my own heart. Her really intuitive insight was amazing and her way of hearing me, supporting me, pushing me to really be honest was just what I needed. I remember her saying, “Maybe that is what it took you wake you up.” and that sentence was life changing for me.  It allowed me to accept that I needed to forgive myself for the years of being asleep, choosing to ignore and not really being a part of my own life. I will be forever grateful to her for her help and advocacy. I would recommend Dr. Dow in a heartbeat.

Joyce L

Joyce L,

Dr. Kate Dow has and continues to provide me with nurturing advice through counseling and practical tools with coaching.  She is able to get to the root of any issue I am confronting and assist me in finding my own path, clearly helping to gather my ambitions and focus my thoughts as a way to see through the fog to my truest self.    


Melanie M,