Keeping it Real

So I am coming home last night from watching the movie Boyhood with my 15 year old son and I ask him "What did you like the most about that movie?." And usually when I ask him a question, he takes his time and really thinks before he responds. But he responded right away and said "They kept it real." And I agreed. The movie was not a Hollywood version of life. It was life as it is. And how vital that is for us to get those real reflections about life.

It also struck me how powerful that really means... to keep it real. How often do we experience each other keeping it real? Out in this world where we are supposed to look like we have it all together, according to the unwritten expectations of our society- how could we challenge those beliefs?  How could it serve us?  For me, If I don't keep it real, I get the repercussions emotionally, mentally and even physically these days. And that helps me stay clear and connected with what is true for me, even when I don't want to see it.

Imagine an experiment where you take a day and practice staying aware of of "keeping it real" and see what happens. How you feel. What it does for your mind. How your interactions are different with others. How your body responds to being real with your needs, feelings and wants. What do you experience keeping it real? How is your energy when you are real in the world?

I invite you to try it.




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