What I Offer

Women’s Empowerment FB Community

In this closed facebook group that is FREE, you can explore the ways you are interested in growing and stepping into empowerment in your life, leadership or business. You can be connected with me and my work here at a low level that is inviting and non-intrusive. You will have opportunities to check out offers as well as share about what you are up to on specific offerings threads. This group is set up to support, inspire and encourage for midlife 35-65+ women ready for empowering life changes and women entrepreneurs ready to look at inner work they may be ready for.

Online Courses for Mind-Body-Spirit Growth

I am excited to be creating online courses as a supportive method for you to self-study and work on your own personal and spiritual development in the comfort of your own home. Courses will cover a variety of issues related to women’s empowerment and success ie, confidence, boundaries, relationship abuse, communication, spiritual connection, emotional intelligence, values-based business, conscious growth etc…Courses will be available here on my site.

Women’s Empowerment Collective-VIP

This Group is for VIP women members who are devoted to their growth, success and evolution in their businesses, leadership and lives. Women who want to make a difference in their world and are willing to  do the inner work that does this. We have a (Secret) Face Book Group representing our feminine empowerment sanctuary. This is where we share our encouragement, our challenges, our successes and our visions together to quicken transformation. This is a  safe confidential space space in order to be real, to express, to inspire, to support, to uplift, and cultivate amazing community in our unfolding. I will share videos, posts and poems that I have been touched by and invite the same from you. This collective is about deeper sharing, being and connecting without judgement, comparison, ego or fear so we can create the new feminine paradigm, lovelies.

More Products for Exploration & Discovery

In my store you will find other ways to keep moving, changing and growing. You have access to my free guest podcasts and radio shows for free. In addition, there are my book and e-books, recorded workshops, kundalini yoga video classes and guided meditations. I am always adding more fun, educational and supportive stuff! Come explore…

Sacred Feminine Connection Awakening

I am offering local and (online classes soon) sharing the powerful ancient wisdom of Kriya Yoga that I learned from my teachers at Tantra Heart. This embodiment practice awakens our body, our life force energy, our awareness and our connection with our Sacred feminine principles within us. We remember the joy, light and love of being alive as we increase our consciousness, intuition and sacred authentic connection. Incredible trainings in the certification levels of this work are offered a few times a year in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Live Workshops and Empowering Retreats

Live events are powerful opportunities for experiential, transformational renewal and radical change. They range from one day workshops in different cities to three to five day retreats in beautiful places. When women come together in sacred space, they are deeply transported within themselves and as a community. The world is remade when this happens. We are that powerful. It is time now for us to actively seek out this kind of collaboration and connection for ourselves and humanity.

Mastermind Intensive Invitation

A handful of people a year get to secure one of these spots to work directly with me for a minimum of 6 months to a year in order to deeply engage in the amazing Self-Mastery Work with me. This is for ladies who know they are committed to themselves and their growth and transformation and are ready for the plunge. This work literally launches your life, business and spiritual development quickly and purposefully , allowing you to attain the goals that are most meaningful and empowering for you. You also receive free WEC-VIP access during the time you are in this program. Click here to learn more.

“I learned to stop running away from my pain and go inside. After 30 years of rejecting and running away from my body, I felt less pain, more calm and even peace. And my inner critic and anxiety is so much smaller. I am not beating myself as much. It’s a miracle. ~ Linda W. ~