Kate currently offers two programs which support and facilitate the sacred transitions coaching. These include the Women's Wellness Course and the Higher Brain Living Program(R).

The Higher Brain Living Program(R) is an amazing personal development system for self-empowerment and creating sustainable life change. Higher Brain Living(R) is developed by Dr. Michael Cotton after thirty years of study, research and practice. It is based on current neurobiological research and understanding of the brain as well as ancient healing methodologies. The sessions involve a gentle touch  sequence that activates the higher more evolved part of our brain, where we can experience freedom, power and choice. The essential guidebook then teaches you how to apply this to your life and begin clearing obstacles to your life fulfillment and joy. It is very helpful in facilitating my clients in stepping forward into the changes they see they want to make.

The Higher Brian Living Program(R) foundation is a 22 session program that brings people from lack of clarity and ungroundedness, to courage to face what works and doesn't in their lives. Then we build momentum for the fearless authentic life they have always wanted.

I recommend most people go through the Higher Brian Living Program (R) before they participate in the Conscious Wellness Course. The reason for this is when people learn how to engage their higher brain before they learn new information or do yoga or take a supplement for instance, people benefit much more from those activities, information or nutrition because their higher brain physiology is activated. It becomes a foundation for progressive movement through healing, growth and change.

The Women's Wellness Course can be done concurrently in individual coaching sessions and will soon will be offered in an online class format. The course allows you to gain deep understanding of your old patterns and habits that block you from experiencing your ultimate capacity for wellness. Through learning the wholistic concept of wellness and how the 12 wellness dimensions interact, you become empowered to take the steps to alter your lifestyle slowly and sustainably.

The 12 dimensions of wellness were created by Dr. John Travis. As part of the this work you complete your own personal wellness assessment on the wellness inventory site. For a full year, you will have access to your own online wellness portal, where you get to learn about and practice this life-changing information. As an added benefit, your personal account keeps you connected with Kate in between classes, for feedback and additional support.

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