Image of BuddhaKate loves to facilitate retreats for women as a great way to initiate momentum for your life vision as well as an empowering adjunct to your personal session work.

Personal Individualized Retreats offer the private intensive time period that many clients appreciate initially in their work. Some clients prefer this format throughout their connection with Kate, as it gives them the one-to-one attention that they find so uplifting and energizing. These retreats can be 1/2 day for 4 hours or 7 hours plus lunch for full day retreats. The time frames are usually between 9am and 4pm.We will create a collage of activities specific to your focus goals and intentions for yourself.

Small group retreats are for people who want the intimate setting and group participation for inspiration in their personal work. Kate receives feedback from clients indicating how beneficial it is to get out of their isolation and receive the precious sharing and collaborative process from being in a small group. These can be offered in 1/2 day and full day formats with a specific theme and focus. Activities may include group coaching and teachings, meditations, experiential processes, yoga kriyas, private journal time, expressive art, pranayama breathing exercises, didactic and group sharing.

Larger group retreats generally follow a weekend schedule of Friday evenings 6pm-9pm, Saturdays 9am-4pm and Sundays 9am-3pm. These provide an in-depth exploration of specific themes with more enhanced processes. This longer period of  intense focus, movement, and creativity, catalyzes people's progress in actualizing their magnificent life.

See the Calendar for details of upcoming offerings.