Women’s Empowerment Collective

This is a community we are building of inspired amazing women on our journey of self-empowerment. I am ​graciously holding space as the ​Temple​ Mama, feminine embodiment guide and soulful​ ​growth ​facilitator, to love, support and encourage your evolution and transformation.
Below you will find more about the benefits and goodies of membership in this collective!
This collective is a virtual space that is boundless and deep. It creates a web of connection between us all, supporting each of our efforts individually and as a whole. This sacred circle of women represents our feminine ancestors of the past, present and future of humanity. Together we are creating the new feminine paradigm, of empowered enlightened women.

What’s Included?


Each month you will be given a fabulous new guided meditation to support you in your growth and evolution. These will be in various formats, that may include kundalini yoga meditations, pranayama breath-work, creative visualizations and body centered healing and emotional processing for specific outcomes. They are for you to download and use for your personal and spiritual development. And if course the more you use them the more powerful they are!


Being a member of our women’s empowerment collective will give you access to my archives of material as well as special content I will design just for WEC. This includes the Fear-Less program videos that were for a 9-week program I offered earlier this year (valued at $2500) that follows my book Fear-Less: The Art of Using Anxiety to Your Advantage. This video program supports anyone who struggles with insecurity, low self esteem, fears that block you from moving forward. The library will include past meditations, FB lives, FB interviews, and other fun archived material as well as resources I find outstanding.


This private Face Book Group will be our feminine empowerment sanctuary. This is where we share our encouragement, our challenges, our successes and our visions together. We are creating a safe sacred space in order to be real, to express, to inspire, to support, to uplift, and cultivate amazing community in our unfolding. I will share videos, posts and poems that I have been touched by and invite the same from you. This collective is about sharing, being and connecting without judgement, comparison, ego or fear. This is the new feminine paradigm, lovelies.


This Q & A feature will be held on my Zoom platform and the link is provided for members only. We will have an hour and a half per month together to hold a sacred space for deep inquiry. We will start each time with a centering exercise to be grounded, connected and calm. This is more about opening our minds to a bigger picture then getting caught up in over thinking. Here we can soar to a wider perspective of what empowerment looks and feels like and creating the collective vision of what is possible.


Each month I will come onto the group and have FB live that is specific to the monthly focus we are all working on. I will share stories, knowledge, methods and practices, humor, love and related wisdoms that will keep us flowing down our path of empowerment with grace, trust and heart. If you come live on the call there will be occasional some special offerings. And no worries if you can’t make it, the recording will always be posted.


Each month we will have a primary theme of focus for the group collective. We know that where we put out attention, energy follows. We want to take our wishes and make them reality. Each week, we will have specific prompts posted in the FB group for you to work with. They will include deep inquiries into your thoughts, feelings and desires as well as action steps to take to bring awareness into movement, flow and magic manifestation!


As part of my BIG THANK YOU you for cultivating this WEC sanctuary with me, you will have discount codes for 20% off many of the products in my store, including new webinars, workshops, e-courses, live workshops and retreats. As we grow, we want to open our hearts and be of service more and more. This is the path of true empowerment.

“I learned to stop running away from my pain and go inside. After 30 years of rejecting and running away from my body, I felt less pain, more calm and even peace. And my inner critic and anxiety is so much smaller. I am not beating myself as much. It’s a miracle.

~ Linda W. ~

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Monthly Installments

12 Month Plan


The first launch in June will be limited to 1-15 women. This is in order to create connection, integration and a culture of love, support and transformation. The next waves will be accepted slowly to keep the intention clear.

“Dr. Kate offers a refreshing, wholistic and realistic approach. As a woman/mom/wife business owner I found Dr. Kate to be invaluable in terms of steering me through the challenges that women & super achievers face as business owners. Dr. Kate clearly has the power and experience to help guide us to the successful, all encompassing, all empowering results we all seek. I wholeheartedly endorse her to anyone woman in business.”

~ Lauren ~

Business Owner