I’m Dr. Kate

I help women turn anxiety and self-doubt into confident, empowered, freedom.

I’m Dr. Kate

I help women turn anxiety and self-doubt into confident, empowered freedom.

It’s believing in those dreams and facing our fears head on that allows us to live beyond our limits.”

Amy Purdy

My clients struggle with self-doubt, fears and insecurity.


As smart, anxious strong women living in a patriarchal culture, you tend to :

  Push yourself too long and hard for approval.

  Worry you are never good enough underneath it all.

  Be critical, shaming and perfectionistic with yourself.

Being an insecure and sensitive person, who over-strives to “be enough”, makes you more susceptible to these behaviors as well as feel chronically tired, anxious with conflict, unfocused under stress, frazzled in chaos, too empathic with people’s feelings, cycles of highs and lows, and challenged with assertiveness and good boundaries. 

This is the learned survival-mode, overdrive that can hurt you. Your nervous system is stressed, your body is depleted, your anxiety or depression is elevated, amd you can’t seem to figure out how to get off the hamster wheel of trying to get it right.

It’s time to feel seen, be heard and know that you are enough right now.

Can you change this? Absolutely!

You can learn how to show up for yourself, and begin to be what you’ve needed.

This is how you being to embody your true nature and potential. Fear-Less Feminine Wisdom is like a map that helps guide women on their way to what they have longed for.

As women we have learned to dismiss and deny ourselves what we really need and want. We have forgotton our resources or how to acces them.

You will remember your authentic gifts, come to admire your sensitivities and cherish the hardships that have made you who you are.  Its your turn to support yourself in becoming the whole-hearted, liberated and wise woman you always wanted to be.

“Dr. Kate has a balanced, grounded and encouraging approach to unleashing the feminine power.”

Lisa McGee

Business Owner/Coach

Here is a Bit of My Wild Ride Life

I grew up feeling sensitive, shy and unsafe in my alcoholic family. I felt things deeply  and was told often my feelings were too much for people.

I learned to survive by shutting down inside and focusing on achieving- to be seen and valued in the patriarchal world. I excelled in school and didn’t stop till I was 30 years old with a PhD.

I looked competent, happy and strong on the outside, but inside I felt depressed, insecure and self-loathing as a young woman. I suffered silently in school and work, despite my anxiety, body/eating issues, and perfectionism. I began my spiritual journey very early and that helped me know that I could change my course, despite the fact that my life felt too difficult and overwhelming.

It wasn’t until I gave birth to my kids in my 30’s that it all came crashing down in a crisis of postpartum. My marriage was a disaster, leaving me feeling powerless and shameful.

The Wake-Up Call

The Wake-Up Call

This was the most painful time of my life, however, I am grateful for it because it woke me up. I saw the reality of my narcissistic-abusive relationship that had to end and the ways I neglected myself. I had to distance from my narcissitic mother and alcoholic father. I was fighting for my kids saftery in court for years. And I knew I needed to learn to love and care for myself despite never seeing that in my family. I wanted to be better for my kids. That meant, I had to see how I self-sabotaged and hurt myself in my controlling, overachieving hyper- masculine ways, that blinded me to my feminine side. It was difficult but there no other choice.

Becoming Secure and Aligned

I prioritized my health and healing on all levels mentally, emotionally physically and spiritually. I deepened my embodiment work. I felt more self-confidence, caring and loving with myself.

Working with women, who were moms, professionals and entrepreneurs, I saw their similar challenges with sensitivities, overwhelm and disconnection. I began teaching them the mind-body practices and feminine wisdom that had helped me so much, and saw how powerful and supportive they were for them.

However, with career success, I began driving myself again and I experienced serious burnout, which again humbled me. Then I found out it was more than burnout- I had ovarian cancer. It was another awakening to go deeper into honoring my feminine healing process and face my shadow sides, work with feminine archetypes, my personal and ancestoral trauma in my family. I began to see the bigger picture of the patriarchal impact on the feminine and women for thousands of years.

It all began to makes sense in my body, my family and the women I worked with. This important time to transform our doubts and fears and reclaim our feminine courage, wisdom and power.

I have been blessed to work with thousands of people who over the past 34+years let me walk beside them on their healing empowerment journey.

I am honored to support you too!

My Foundational Feminine Wisdom Perspectives


Human beings are able to rise through adversity to heal and transform their pain into their potential.

Anxiety relates to our past, our culture, our current stressors, our unaddressed needs and our ancestral trauma.

Sensitivities are a powerful gift. Once we know how to listen, care and relate to them, we become empowered.

90% of success in life and business comes from our inner work—our mindset, emotions, attitude and our embodied resources. This is where our attention needs to be to make change.

The future is feminine, bringing balance and wisdom back to transform the patriarchy. It is time for the reunion of the sacred feminine and divine masculine in in honor wihtin each of us .

When we grow and evolve in ourselves, we create a ripple of positive change and influence in our lives, our work, and relationships. This is how we affect social,  and global change the world.


Discovery Call

Come to clarity of what is holding you back so you can breakthrough to your feminine empowered potential.

“Dr. Kate is amazing. Her wisdom and experience is immense. I have had a huge shift and feel more empowered at home, work and in my life. I no longer live afraid of upsetting people. I am so grateful to her and could not have done it without her.”

Joannie Berna

Manager of NM State Department

What if you could live your life, embrace your passion and honor yourself like you never have before?

Stop judging and doubting, start living and leading your aligned authentic potential.

About Dr. Kate

Dr. Kate is the women’s Empowerment Therapist and Coach for women.

Through her programs, retreats, talks, courses, book, Dr. Kate is here to help you transform your self-doubt and fear into your feminine empowered freedom, wisdom and potential.

Dr. Kate has helped thousands of clients, including women who are teens, young adults, mothers, in midlife, and elders around the world connect with their feminine power and wisdom.

She is a published best-selling author of Fear-Less: The Art of Using Anxiety to Your Advantage, a women’s guide from fear to empowerment.

She is a certified gestalt and EMDR practitioner, wellness coach, yoga, tantra and meditation teacher.

She is a national and TEDX speaker about feminine empowerment and leadership.

She is a sensitive woman herself, a psychologist, coach, yogini and tantrika.

When she is not doing what she loves with work, you can find Dr. Kate on an adventure in nature, learning, travelling and enjoying people she loves .

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