Cultivating Confidence Within

Fear-less Feminine Wisdom Membership Program

” There is a Sun within every Person.”


Cultivating Confidence 

Decreasing anxiety and elevating feminine wisdom through embodied empowerment in a conscious community of women.

First and Third Tuesdays 2021 60 minutes
 12:00pm MST | 7:00pm GMT| 6:00am ACT next day

In this group you will:


Understand the many faces of anxiety and how they impact us mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.


Learn and practice a variety of mindful embodiment practices that are the foundation of Fear-less Feminine Wisdom, that prepare your for the Level One training.


Develop your confidence by accessing your embodied feminine awareness, wisdom, and power.

This is for women who have been on their personal and spiritual growth journeys and have come to realize the missing pieces of their deeper connection with themselves.

When we take what we “know” in our mind and start to embody our somatic experience at a whole new level of empowerment, and confidence in who we are and how we show up.

This is why it is so important to me to offer a community coaching group that is powerful, effective, affordable AND nourishes women in their development.

My Fear-Less Feminine Wisdom facebook group is where you get introduced to the teachings, mindfulness awareness and feminine wisdom. In this group you start learning how to somatically experience it, which gives you the foundation for the FFW trainings level 1-3 where you will learn how to embody, empower and implement this work in your relationship with yourself, with others, with your business and with your divine connection.

Here is what we’ll cover:

This coaching group reflects the framework of my book “Fear-less: The Art of Using Anxiety to your Advantage” in a trauma-informed, spiritually-connected online format that is live, interactive and experiential. Each month we will focus on one dimension of being i.e., mind, emotions, body, spirit and zero in on how anxiety, insecurity and self doubt impacts us and how we can transform it.

I will teach about the relationship of fear/anxiety and mindful embodiment. I will guide experiences of a variety of somatic practices to awaken our feminine confidence, wisdom and calm resources for daily life and deeper work.

We will break into small groups for reflections and shares in emotionally supportive non-judgmental spaces.

We will reconvene after small groups for embodiment coaching support as needed.

You are encouraged to participate in the private FB group where you can feel open to share feedback, experiences and challenges with women who are in Fear-Less Feminine Wisdom programs.

How does anxiety look in our lives?

 Obsessive worry, ruminating that keeps you up at night

 Panic, dissociation

 Highly critical, controlling or codependent

 Numbing with substances to check out

 Over-doing, eating, working

 Inability to say no, people pleasing

 Scarcity mindset, fear

 Shame, guilt and self-doubt

 Diffuse boundaries, sense of self

 Emotional trauma responses/choices 

And how can we transform anxiety?

 Self-awareness, mindfulness

 Body-based embodiment practices

 Yoga principles, postures

 Breathwork techniques

 Inner Critic inquiries

 Mantra, Chanting, Voice

 Feminine/masculine archetypes

 Experiential somatic meditation

 Shore up boundaries

 Self love, acceptance and devotion

In this Embodiment Coaching Group

You Will Learn:

How to cultivate Calm & Confidence
How to feel more Centered & Resilient

How to embody your Feminine Wisdom.

Join us in 2021, to grow, evolve your confidence and embodiment empowerment in a vibrant conscious feminine community.

Group Details:


This is an ongoing group.


We meet online First and Third Tuesdays unless notified otherwise.

Click Here To See Meeting Dates
  • October 20, 27
  • November 3, 10, 17, 24
  • December 1, 8, 15, 29
  • January 5, 12, 19, 26
  • February 2, 9

Sessions are 60 minutes long and begin at:
12:00 MST | 7:00 GMT | 6:00am ACT next day.

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Registration Fee choices are below.


Weekly meeting includes education, experiential guided practices, community connection in large and small groups and coaching support.


Recordings will be emailed afterwards in case you have to miss. Although we highly recommend direct experience and participation.


This course is for females and non binary female-bodied persons who are ready to work on anxiety and insecurity and  in their personal or professional lives.


This program is a trauma-informed, spiritually-connected, interactive and experientially designed coaching program. Deep changes come from our personal somatic experience and shared insight.


We will hold a safe, confidential space in community as a whole and in smaller groups in break-out rooms for deeper connections and learning.

The most important thing Kate helped me to regain for myself was hope—the belief that I had the power to remake my life exactly as I saw fit. She gave me perspective and encouragement.  She taught me to listen to myself. She truly cares, and that compassion penetrates every session. Kate is not just a good practitioner, she is a good person. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.

Karen K.


“Dr. Kate taught me to trust myself to become resourceful in myselfI flow more and don’t push. I trust myself to make my own decisions.

Cecilia L.

Mom of 3

Join the Embodiment Coaching Group

Ongoing 2021


Enroll and receive a free pdf copy of Dr. Kate’s book, “Fear-Less: The Art Of Using Anxiety To Your Advantage” This is a handbook of powerful teachings, stories and holistic practices that made a remarkable difference in her life and thousands of her clients over the past 30 years.

Membership Fees



If you cannot afford the registration price due to present hardship, please contact us at Kate@DrKate.CEO with a line of clear and detailed explanation of why you want to participate and apply for one of our scholarships.

Disclaimer: This is a program hosted by a women’s life and leadership coach and psychologist Dr. Kate Dow, however this is not a clinical setting. Dr. Kate teaches from a holistic model of psychological, spiritual, and embodiment based theory and practice that is accessible, informative, practical and transformative. 

This Is For You If:

You are ready to prioritize yourself.

You’re ready for experiential transformational work (yes it can happen online!)

You’re craving genuine caring community.

You desire less isolation and more support in your life.

You will show up the best you can

You want to deepen your personal practice.

You’re curious about feminine embodiment work.

You aspire to be more authentic, aligned and empowered in your conscious feminine aspects.

This Is Probably NOT For You If:


You aren’t open to learning in community right now.


You dislike online teaching and won’t show up regularly.


You have severe mental and/or physical health issues that will make it hard for you to try something new and participate.


You are too busy/distracted to honor 60 minute twice a month for yourself.


You are too uncomfortable with experiential work and somatic awareness.


You are not ready to experience your conscious embodied feminine side.

About Dr. Kate

Dr. Kate Dow is a somatic-based psychologist, spiritual guide and embodied feminine coach and with over 35 years of personal transformation experience and professional expertise serving others. She is a TedX speaker and author of “Fear-Less: The Art of Using Anxiety to Your Advantage.”

Dr. Kate incorporates psychology, spirituality, evidence-based mind-body science, and feminine embodiment to create a holistic, practical heart-centered approach to empowered potential in women’s lives and businesses.

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Embodiment Coaching Group

First and Third Tuesdays 2021
  12:00pm MST | 7:00pm GMT | 6:00am ACT next day

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