We don’t learn how to consciously close our year long experience with awareness. We don’t know how to celebrate without the party. This can make for the new year starting without our clearest intent about who are are and where we are going. This is a lost opportunity of making this annual crossing with empowered presence.

When we can assimilate our year with acknowledgment of what we have gone through and grown through- we are taking this time to honor what we have experienced, felt, seen, and known. This creates space for integrating our life more deeply. This leads to our alignment with what is most valuable and important for us at this time. This invites us as conscious co-creators of our life.

Every year is filled with joys and sorrows, happiness and loss, fear and wonder. How we acknowledge our experiences effects how benefit the most from them?

Take a moment. Think about your year. What inspired you? What rocked your world? What broke your heart open? What scared you?

Now feel it in your body. Notice how different sensations and cellular memory connect with each memory.

Allowing ourselves to remember and integrate our year’s experiences, gives us the foundation to now set a clear vision for the coming year. What would we benefit the most from paying more attention to? Where is there fear that we need to address and clear to move forward with clarity and grace?

No matter what your desires are, root them into your heart and body. Let every intent come from a place of mind, body spirit. This is the difference between making mental goals and setting your intent with personal power and attention.

The more our intent is aligned with purpose, service and love, the more it is supported by the Universe.

How can your New Year Resolutions reflect your life purpose or meaning, that are motivated by love?

Come explore these ideas with me. I am offering a FREE one hour class to experience these concepts this Sunday New Years eve 11:00MST. Email me at katedowphd@gmail.com if you are interested, so you register one of the few spots available.

With Courage and Compassion,

Dr Kate

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