Women’s Empowerment Coaching For Life

Own your birthright of your feminine intuitive knowing, wisdom and power.

“Our bodies know they belong. It is our minds that make our lives so homeless. ”

John O’ Donohue

What is Embodied Empowerment Coaching?

A co-creative somatic coaching process where you remember how to access your inherent worth, your intuitive wisdom and your feminine power from within your sensory experience. With this support you transform old limiting stories about who you are that have held you back so you can engage, embody, and embrace your authentic identity, courageous confidence, and unfolding life purpose.



“I consider Kate a very talented coach and a blessing. She helped me develop healthier beliefs and habits. As a result, I believe that I have personal worth like everyone else. I matter enough to take care of myself and meet my needs. ”

Rebecca M.

When we beleive our fears

Struggle and Suffer

Growing up as a sensitive woman in the patriarchy teaches us to doubt, distrust and shrink ourselves. “Don’t be too much, too smart, too loud, too needy, too bossy!”

We overgive of ourselves in our relationships, career and family for approval, acceptance and belonging. We are so focused on others, we forget what WE need, want and desire. We lose touch with ourselves, our self-regard and our  “raison d’etre, ” our own reason for being.

We get stuck in unhealthy beliefs and habitual patterns that hold us back from our living our dreams, our soul calling and our expressed potential. Chronic patterns of:

 Self-judgement, criticalness and shame

 People-pleasing, caregiving doormat

 Too empathic with others, poor booundaries

 Self-doubt, rejection and blame

 Body belittling and dissociation

 Codependent coping styles

 Anxiety, panic, and confusion

 Resentment and stuck in the past

We are strong, amazing women, but we feel disempowered and disconnected from our deeper wisdom, inner confidence and fearless spirit. These feminine embodied qualities have been suppressed in our patriarchal culture for thousands of years, keeping women afraid, dependent, submissive and despondent. It shows up in present day in various ways.


Imbalance and addiction with food, work, shopping, sex, gambling, substances, financial success, power, and perfectionism.


You struggle and overidentify with anxiety, depression, familial and collective trauma 


You tolerate and put up with relationships that are abusive, rejecting, demeaning, controlling, toxic, and unhealthy i.e, narcissistic abuse


You sabotage your health, sexuality, joy, creativity, passion and talents.

You have our own unique challenges or what I call shadow sides. These are places you have unknowlingly neglected, unprocessed and rejected that wreak havoc in your life under the surface. The more you ignore them, the louder they get and more disruptive and dangerous they can be. You can find yourselves in unexpected crisis in your finances, physical health, mental wellbeing or your relationship.

 This is where coaching comes in and helps you discover where and why you are stuck. You learn how to clear the blocks, re-align with your true soul desires, embody your courageous confidence, and step onto your empowering path of fulfillment and joy. Yes, it’s really possible and the world is waiting for your unique radiance.

“Dr. Kate went above and beyond my expectations as a caring, knowledgeable, supportive coach.I have an understanding of what it means to love myself for the first time in my life. I have inner peace, a stronger faith and a more fulfilling life”

Carla C.

It’s Time to Develop your Embodied Empowerment

Stop struggling to stay above water, tolerating bad behavior from others and sabotaging yourself in old stories, beleifs and behaviors. It’s time to transform those patterns that are keeping you hostage in your recycling shame, pain, and blame. Don’t you want to know how to empower your wise sensitivities, deeper knowing and feminine power to support your dreams and true desires?

Changing course is not always easy to do, or you would have figured it out by now on your own. You have tried reading books and taking personal development classes, maybe even some therapy that wasn’t a fit.

It is difficult to cultivate radical transformation alone.

What you deserve is a compassionate mentor/coach who really knows your challenges and has the credibility of decades of personal experience and professional expertise. As an embodied empowered woman you will know how to transform your habitual patterns, embody your feminine wisdom and power to leverage your sensitiveness as your superpowers to  create your empowered life.

Isn’t it time you get to:

Experience relief from anxiety, fear, and depression

  Sleep deeply, and wake well-rested, focused and energized for the day

 Feel connected with yourself and your peeps with a true sense of belonging

 Have clarity about your intimate relationship and what you need and act on it

Be more calm, clear and creative daily

Feel more relaxed, safe, and joyful!

 Communcate your boundaries fear-lessly, assertively, and with love

It’s time for you to create your embodied confidence and empowerment for your engaging, energizing, and soul-evolving life.

“Set Your Life on Fire. Seek those who fan your flames.”


Why My Clients Say My Coaching is Unique and Empowering

Why My Clients Say My Coaching is a Higher Caliber

My 30+ year professional experience as a sensitive psychologist and coach has honed my capacity for holding a very safe, transformative space for growth my clients.
My signature Embodied Empowerment coaching is based on an integrated model of mind, body, spirit development that helps women step into their best self.
I know the unique challenges women face, and teach the power of feminine archetypes to tap into our innate qualities that make women natural born leaders.
My work is research-based from psychology, spirituality, neuroscience, leadership,  anxient wisdom traditions and sacred feminine embodiment and empowerment practices.
I have been on my own tranformational journey for 35 years, reclaiming my feminine wisdom, love, and empowered embodiment.
I bring my expertise from training for last three decades in ancient traditions of Sacred Feminine Embodiment and Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, and Native Ways. I am a certified yoga, tantra and meditation teacher.

Why My Coaching is Successful

Why My Clients Say My Coaching is a Higher Caliber

I work with people who are ready, willing and able who I believe I can serve and truly help.
And you are ALL in – meaning you are willing to show up, believe and take action in the process and be open, honest and responsible for yourself.

When You Work With Me:

I help you locate and express your own voice, truth and radiance. Your Authenticity is your foundation.
I help you face your blindspots and struggles and turn them into your strengths. Your Courage fuels your passion.

I help you leverage your feminine wisdom, power and purpose. Your Personal Potential resources you.

I help you redefine success on your terms, to experience freedom and joy. Your Enthusiasm becomes your safe guard.

Work With Me

I Offer Two Ways To Work 1:1 With Me

Let’s co-create the restorative, dynamic VIP day retreat that helps you get the break you need and the refresher to return to work with wisdom and gusto. We will design the right balance of coaching, ritual and restorative practices, mind mapping and deep dive transformational work. that will move you forward with magnetized momentum.
Coaching with me happens in a safe, confidential space, helping you discover your growing edge. We meet in my zoom room to help you break free of sabotaging behaviors and patterns and claim your feminine confidence, wisdom and power to mobilize your life transformation and start living your purposeful and fulfilling life.
Book a call so we can see if I can be of help to you.

Why I am an expert:

My experience: I have helped over a thousand women who struggled with anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling stuck in bad relationships, chronic health conditions, and fading dreams become alive and confident, embodied and empowered, and refocused and purposeful women.

My clients are amazing women are finally ready to put themselves first and believe it is time to live their lives fully expressed, and engaged with more meaning, fulfillment and joy.

My Journey:

I have been through my own journey of being an anxious, dissociated, self-doubting women looking for happiness and power in all the wrong places. I came through childhood traume, abusive relationships, burnout, spiritual abuse and cancer.

I learned to love, care and honor myself, my body and my sensitivities. I have cleared  both personal and generational matrinlineal trauma. And I continue to develop my embodied feminine worth, wisdom and sacred way.

My Background:

I have been a psychologist, coach and spiritual guide over the last thirty years.

I am a certified wellness coach, tantra and yoga/meditation teacher

I am a published best-selling author about women’s empowerment and anxiety.

I am a Tedx and national speaker on women, empowerment and leadership.

Learn To Empower your Embodied Feminine Wisdom and Power.

Accept and Love Your Body
Find and Express your Voice
Make Supportive Decisions
Trust and Love Yourself
Know Ease and Joy

Name Your Boundaries

Accept and Love Your Body
Find and Express your Voice
Make Supportive Decisions
Trust and Love Yourself
Know Ease and Joy

Name Your Boundaries

When we develop our Embodied Feminine Empowerment, our life unfolds in magical ways

with Ease and Flow.

Find Your VOICE. Own Your TRUTH. Claim Your POWER.

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