Energy is what makes up everything.

It is also what is behind every important decision, every creative expression, every choice about how you will utilize your time and how you will choose to spend your money in your business.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, how we attend to our energy can make a big difference in our visions, outcomes and successes.

It is a fundamental aspect of our mind, body and spirit. Learning the way we can be more aware of our energy can be an incredible asset in our businesses. Energy management is a part of Self Mastery For Success programs I teach and mentor entrepreneurs in.

For example, my client Jennifer, who runs her own five year business as a masseur came to me because she was struggling to expand her clientele. She taking some new risks to grow her business and financial fear was showing up.

We did some Self Mastery work around her beliefs, her self care and her ways of managing her energy. It looked on the outside that Jennifer was working fairly large hours and making average fees for her services. She had a good reputation in her city. She had a healthy view and relationship with money.

However, underneath it all, her energy was getting blocked from some major conflicts in her personal relationship. Her body kept getting bogged down in frustrations in her relationship communication and it was weakening her body’s energy levels when she worked. Her psyche was limiting the idea of expanding her business, as a result.

Once we addressed how she can improve and clear her communication with her partner, we could identify the energy management she needed to be more responsible for her growth in herself and her business.

She learned some different Self Mastery energy strategies to employ and practice. She adjusted her schedule to allow for better energy resilience. Within a month her clientele was expanding in a nice pace which she had agreed was most aligned for her. Her emotional boundaries improved with her relationship and stayed clearer in her business as a result.

When we can recognize the role of energy management and its intimate relationship with who we are and how we show up in our businesses, we can choose to become more empowered, effective and successful.

Once you begin to pay attention to this level of being, you begin to see how much it all makes sense how interrelated everything is. It is powerful and profound.

If you want to learn a bit more about this, go see my upcoming Online MasterClass on Energy Wisdom: The 5 Secrets You need to Save Time and Money.

Xo Dr Kate


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