Sacred Feminine Empowerment Tantra Training Course

October 19-21, 2018

Sacred Feminine Empowerment Tantra Training Course

October 19-21, 2018 

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Feeling Exhausted? Creatively Blocked? Stressed Out? Disembodied?

Are You Ready for a new experience of yourself, your body, your energy and life?

Tantra Kriya Yoga, an ancient secret wisdom is available to us now after centuries. It awakens our concepts of body, mind, spirit and sexuality to a deeper awareness of the beauty, consciousness, and energy that we are. It is empowering beyond words.


When we reconnect with honoring the Feminine, we release old limitations and notice accelerations in our personal growth and alignment. These exquisite time-tested techniques are an incredible path for living an enlightened, authentic, purposeful and joyful way of life. And if you are a sensitive soulpreneur, they serve you in having the energy, creativity and vitality to shine in your business.

I believe it is time for women to step into their deepest transformation to help us to be our best selves, and to facilitate humanity’s conscious evolution as a whole.

This course is designed for people who want to expand their conscious awareness and wellbeing, learn to effectively use their life force energy in intentional ways, connect with a highly intuitive mindset, and engage in embodiment practices that supercharge you for life, relationships and business success.

You will benefit from:

♥ Breaking through your limitations. Uncover your authentic self.
♥ Opening to your feminine wisdom and heart brain guidance.
♥ Discovering life to be evolutionary, spiritual and ecstatic, simultaneously.
♥ Channeling your sexual energy to higher levels of awareness and vision.
♥ Learning the Babaji Cobra Breath technique to safely activate your passion, radiance, creativity, joy and vitality.
♥ On-going personal support is available after the class through  coaching calls with Dr. Kate.


Price varies with early bird: $340+tax before August 15th, $370+tax before Sept 1st, $399+tax before Sept 20th, $425+tax after. Payment plans available.

(**Cost covers training and two lunches and snacks. Flights, transportation, other meals and accommodations NOT included).



Due to the changing early bird prices, please email Dr. Kate at or through the contact page on this site to register


FRI. OCT. 19 6:00PM-10:00PM
SAT. OCT. 20 8:30AM-5:30PM
SUN. OCT. 21 830AM-5:30PM


Antoinette Asimus

Antoinette and her husband of 51years have trained in Tantra practices since 1996. They founded Tantra Heart LLC in 2001 and have been teaching ever since. Antoinette is additionally certified in a number of coaching program and she brings her research and unique approaches into the work.

Dr. Kate Dow

Dr Kate  is a 30 year veteran mind-body psychologist specializing in women’s Self Mastery for Empowerment and Success. Kate weaves her psychology background, spirituality studies and embodiment practices of Tantra, Kundalini Yoga and Somatic Meditation into this healing transformational Feminine Tantra.

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