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 The Art of Using Anxiety to Your Advantage

Transform your anxiety into self-empowerment!

Sick of your fear and insecurities blocking your life and business?

In this powerful guide, Dr. Kate shares the practical teachings and tools that made a remarkable difference in her life and thousands of her clients over the past 30 years.

It can for you too.


Dr. Kate Dow is 23+ year successful entrepreneur, psychologist and Self Mastery Business Coach for women. She has suffered with anxiety lifelong and continues to walk her own healing journey and spiritual awakening as a woman. She sees women entrepreneurs as the dynamic pioneers for positive change for our world, both locally and globally. Her mission is helping women overcome their fears and blocks, step into their empowered self and create fulfilling success in their lives and businesses. Dr. Kate is the mom of two amazing college students, appreciates the Earth’s beauty, deep friendships and still adores living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dr Kate on I'm AWAKE, Now What? Podcast

by Krista Alvarado

Dr Kate on I'm AWAKE, Now What? Podcast

by Krista Alvarado

I can’t tell you how I came across Dr. Kate’s page and this incredible book. All I know is that I felt gravitated to participate in her challenge and read this book. It captivated me from the first chapter and has been an incredible learning experience. If you value your happiness and think it’s worth working towards then I highly recommend this book. It has allowed me to start on a new path towards some incredible life changes. All in all, if you want change – read the book, utilize the tools you need to find your true self and start living your life.

  Mary H  

Dr. Kate Dow’s authentic voice and depth of experience leap off the page. In dealing with her own life challenges and anxiety (experiences most women can relate to), she has discovered archetypes for inspiration and guidance. Her method of harnessing anxiety to optimize your life and your experience is an invaluable tool that will help many, many people. If you deal with anxiety at any level, please read this book. You’ll be better for it, and for meeting Kate Dow!

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Fear-Less was written to help women and women entrepreneurs access and cultivate  their Inner Feminine archetypes of  the Queen, Heroine and Goddess through personal healing and self development Women are in a unique position to foster powerful transformation in themselves and in the world.


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