Relieving Pressureūüí•
is crucial as an entrepreneur.
We have so many hats to wear, responsibilities to maintain and steps to take that we have to cultivate skills we can count on to continue to be our best each day.
This means having healthy ways to address the stress, the pressure, the intense mental strain, the emotional rollercoaster experience, the physical tensions and the financial burdens.
It is not a luxury if we want to succeed and enjoy what we are doing. 
We all know the NOT so helpful ways we can end up trying to help ourselves.
-Having too many glasses of wine, food, …
-Staying up too late watching Netflix
-Hangin out with people with less responsibility and have too much fun
-Going on vacations to get away all the time and never really resting
-Fighting with our spouses, family or friends
-Isolating and hibernating
-Overworking more to compensate
-Going into denial and procrastinating
We are all human and we go there. It is normal.
We think these choices will meet our needs for a breather, a pat on the back, a sense of peace, a feeling of accomplishment, a moment of celebratory reward,….but it doesn’t truly meet the need.
It misses the target by a lot, in my experience.
These choices don’t give us what we are really craving- that peace, that connection, that fulfillment and satisfaction.
The need for sustenance, recovery time and replenishment.
As an entrepreneur we need restorative time that really feeds us.
Something to fill our cups so we can show up and do it all over again the next day.
I realized this when I started feeling burned out in my first business 23 years ago. I loved what I was doing.  I loved the people I served. But I was resentful and frustrated. I felt trapped by my clients,  my business and my family.
I knew I was over the edge when I would scream “Give me a Break!” at my two small children.
I would try the Netflix, and the wine and ice cream.., but to no avail. It never worked. I would just feel more exhausted, depleted, foggy, agitated, insecure, hopeless even.
Then this one time, I heard myself yell this and I got it. What am i doing? This is my job to give me a break.
They couldn’t give me a break. They couldn’t change my schedule or reserve me a massage.
As a single mom with my own business I had to be the one to do that. It was my responsibility.And i had to figure it out and fast.
It was then that I committed to exploring and learning  what would really feed me. What would give me a sense of being resourced and held and supported.
And it made such a significant difference in my quality of¬† life, family, business and wellbeing, that I haven’t stopped exploring and learning what will help me or others since then.
This is where it is each of our jobs. To find what that is for our personhood- our unique self.
We know there are good choices out there:
Yoga, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, Grounding, Breathing Practices, Massage, Meditation, Accupuncture, Sports, Exercise, Hiking…
We may need support in the exploration with a coach or counselor.
We may need to make it a priority to figure out to carve out time everyday for this.
We may need to unlearn old workhorse patterns that keep us from doing this kind of wellbeing behavior.
and sometimes we may be one of those persons that waits until you have hit the wall like me and find yourself yelling at the ones you love for a break.
But I hope not.
Give Yourself a Break! as soon as possible.
Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

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