Guided Meditations

Throat Clearing Meditation

This meditation is about clearing out old expressions, feelings, words, and experiences we have stored in our throats, that keep us from developing our power of communication. Gently bringing our attention, breathe and acceptance to help the body-mind to acknowledge and release what no longer serves us.

Shine Your Light Guided Meditation

As entrepreneurs, our businesses require us to keep seeing how we can clear our blocks  and to open and shine who we are in the world. We work from the heart chakra in this meditation to practice experiencing holding this vulnerability and opening of our true selves.

Prosperity Guided Meditation

Here we practice relaxing into our deeper awareness. We access the portal of possibilities from our low belly/womb area to open our vision, energy and consciousness of prosperity.

Deep Sleep Meditation

This is a guided meditation for the mind, body, spirit preparation for a good nights sleep. It takes you through the ways to clear and settle yourself and be more conscious about your bedtime ritual for sleep. Enjoy!

Self-Worth Meditation

This guided meditation will help you connect with your inherent worth from the inside. You will go on an inner journey and find your place that connects you with this larger sense of self and magnificent self worth that you are always a part of. Enjoy!

Sitalu Energizing and Cleansing Pranayama

This guided pranayam will clear your mind, cleanse your energy and energize your body. This is a great one to use when you are stressed out and exhausted.

Stress-LESS Meditation

This guided mediation will gently show you how to relax and release stress, allowing the body-mind to rest and rejuvenate.

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