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Claim your embodied feminine confidence, power and freedom to thrive at work.

“We cannot change what we are not aware of and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.”

Sheryl Sandberg

What is Embodied LeadHERship Coaching?

It is my signature coaching program where we co-create a customized map for you to elevate your optimal, resilient performance as a leader based on embodied leadHERship skills. We identify the hidden blocks and develop your traits of feminine wisdom, presence and power for your leadHERship edge.

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As a sensitive high-achiever, the biggest challenge is knowing when you are not ok.

You are passionate and inspired about your dreams. You work hard and give your business all you got. But it is catching up with you. The long hours, the exhaustion. You sense deep down underneath it all, you aren’t really OK. Happy. Content.

The thing is, when you are doing good, being a sensitive high-achiever feels amazing and empowering.

Your feminine drive and sensitivities give you extraordinary gifts of:

 Creativity and Intuition

 Collaboration capacities

 Empathy towards others

 Strong work ethic

 Awareness of discord

 Being helpful, agreeable

 Deep thinking and knowing

 Multitasking brilliance

But when you are overworked, stressed out and anxious, you lose your center. You experience the downside of being a high achiever-<span self-sabotage. This happens when your sensitivities and determination work against you and your desire to be “successful” in the patriarchal way.

You over-accommodate and people-please at your expense


You obsess, push and exhaust yourself


You get overstimulated, stressed and less effective


You get insecure with Imposter Syndrome and shut down

You , like everyone else has these blinders, I call shadow sides, where you unknowingly are hurting yourself. The more you ignore these aspects, the louder they get and the more disruptive and dangerous they can be. You can find yourself in a sudden emergency in your business, your health plummets seemingly out of nowhere, or your relationship hits a wall you didn’t notice. This is where coaching comes in and helps you find your blind spots, unhealthy habits and warning signs before the crisis hits.

“Dr. Kate showed me how to empower myself. It is incredibly liberating and clarifying for me to let go of the things that don’t work for me anymore. Now I see my challenges as opportunities for growth. As an business owner, I feel so lucky to be working with her”

Suzanne S.


It’s Time to Develop Your Embodied LeadHERship

You have felt the signs of early burnout, and the possible red flags in your life and business. What if it could be different? What if you could empower your inner wisdom and power to use your deeper resources and sensitivities to be the brilliant leader you want to be without the backlash. It is simple- but not always easy to do, or you would have figured it out by now on your own. You have tried. Books. Classes. Courses.

What you deserve is an accomplished compassionate coach who knows your challenges and has the credibility of decades of experience and expertise. As an embodied leader you will know how to leverage your sensitivities as your secret superpower and temper your enterprising ambition into a winning combination for sustainable fulfilling success.

You need your own confidential, safe and accountable coach to co-create with you your tailored road map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be, ASAP.

Experience relief mentally and emotionally from the rollercoaster of highs and lows

Have uninterrupted, sound sleep, waking rested and energized for the day

Improve your connection with yourself and your family with a sense of belonging

Rescue your intimate relationship from high conflict or divorce after being on the back burner

Be more calm, clear and creative at work

Feel more relaxed, open, even some joy!

See your leadership qualities open new avenues.

It’s time for you to create your embodied LeadHERship success that is sound, sustainable, and satisfying.

Define success in your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you are proud to live.”

Anne Sweeney



“I was looking for support during a transition in my business. Dr. Kate helped me improve my priorities, my productivity, and my energy levels to take my business where I wanted it to go. I just got a new big client! Don’t struggle alone. Go see Dr Kate!”

— Tami J Moore —

President & Owner
505 eMarketing

As a real estate professional, I have been working with Kate Dow as my business coach to hone my craft, find my strengths and honor my weaknesses. She sees perfection in our imperfections. If you want to evolve, want better insight into yourself and move forward, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND KATE DOW.

— Betsy Ronel —

Licensed Real Estate Agent
Houlihan Lawrence

“Dr. Kate knows how to captivate a room! With her intriguing practices, we were actively engaged and learning throughout the presentation. One can’t help feel energized and excited to take on the world after her motivating teachings. We loved her positivity and enthusiasm in our office and highly recommend her.

— Gabrielle Vigil —

Director of Broker Services
Barker Realty | Christie’s International Real Estate

“Dr. Kate Dow offers a refreshing approach. As a woman/mom/wife business owner I found Dr. Kate to be invaluable in steering me through the challenges that women & super achievers face. For women who want it all professionally and personally, Dr. Kate has the power and experience to guide us to the successful, all empowering results we all seek. I wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Kate Dow.

— Lauren Evans —

Lotus Home Management, LLC

“When I met Dr. Kate, I was needing clarity and reassurance that starting my own business was the right choice for me. What Dr. Kate gave me was more than what I could imagine. She was invested in who I was and helped me see how my personal values and worth directly correlatedto my business values. I strongly recommend her.

— Shakaya McFarland, LMHC —

Why My Clients Say My Coaching is a Higher Caliber

Why My Clients Say My Coaching is a Higher Caliber


My 35+ year career as a psychologist/coach and a successful business owner for 26 years, has honed my capacity for holding a very safe, transformative space for my clients.

My signature program is based on an model of embodied LeadHERship development that helps women grow quickly and support change that lasts.
I know the unique challenges women entrepreneurs face, the feminine archetypes to tap into and the qualities that make women natural born leaders.
My work is research-based from psychology, leadership, embodiment lineages, mind-body medicine, spirituality, human development and potential.
I have been though my own transformational journey as a sensitive high achiever and have an acute awareness, care and compassion for my clients.
I bring my expertise from training in ancient traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, shamanism, and Native ways. I am a certified yoga, tantra and meditation teacher.

Why My Coaching Works Where Others Fall Short

I work with people who are curious, open and know they are needing to change, who I believe I can help.

And you are ALL in – meaning you are willing to show up, believe in the possibilities, be coachable and take action in the process and be honest and responsible for yourself.


When You Work With Me:

I help you find your own unique voice, story and truth that reflects you. Your Authenticity is your foundation.
I help you face your blindspots and own your struggles and turn them into your feminine strengths. Your Courage fuels your passion.

I help you leverage your embodied leadHERship power, expression and energy. Your Purposeful Potential resources you and your dreams.

I help you redefine success on your own terms, which allows you to experience personal freedom, fulfillment and joy in life and work. Your Enthusiasm becomes your safe guard.

Work With Me

I Offer Two Ways To Work 1:1 With Me


Let’s co-create a restorative, dynamic ONLINE VIP day retreat that helps you get the break you need and the refresher to return to work with wisdom and gusto. We will design the right balance of personal growth, business brainstorming, relaxation and regenerative practices to support you.


Coaching is a safe, confidential co-creative space, helping you discover your growing edge. We meet in online sessions to help you break free of habitual patterns holding you back, so you can successfully close the gap between where you are where you want to be with ease, fulfillment and prosperity.  

Book a call to see if it’s a fit and I serve you.

Why I am an expert:

My experience: I have helped a thousand+ sensitive anxious high-achievers become confident, embodied women who live and lead with more ease, wisdom and fulfillment.

My clients include small business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives, and leaders who are brilliant introverted, go-getters and life learners who aspire to make a difference and serve others.

My Journey:

I have been through my own journey of being an anxious high-achiever who was overworking, getting burned out, physically sick and emotionally overwhelmed.

I have become aware of how necessary it is for me to be embodied, and integrated everyday to be my best. I have learned how to cultivate my sensitivities as my superpowers instead of my sabotaging skills.

My Background:

I have been a somatic psychologist, embodied feminine coach for empowerment and leadHERship for the last thirty + years.

I am a certified wellness coach, tantra and yoga/meditation teacher

I am a published best-selling author of “Fear-Less” about women’s empowerment and anxiety.

I am a Tedx and national speaker on feminine power and embodied leadership.

Learn To Leverage Your Sensitivities And Ambitions To Become Your Greatest Strengths

Double Your Income

Successfully Scale w/less Stress

Get Energized and Promoted

Become Calm and Focused

Be Joyfully Present and Productive

Lead Wisely and Powerfully

Double Your Income

Successfully Scale w/less Stress

Get Energized and Promoted

Become Calm and Focused

Be Joyfully Present and Productive

Lead Wisely and Powerfully

When we develop our inner leadership,

our prosperity and success naturally elevates on the

quickly and sustainably.

Find Your VOICE. Own Your TRUTH. Claim Your POWER.

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