My Approach

As a successful Mind-Body Psychologist, Consultant, Author and Empowerment Coach, I have been dedicated to supporting adults, couples and families for over 31 years. I have been very fortunate to have an abundant private practice for 24 years in Santa Fe, New Mexico while I raised my two children as a single mother. My degrees are a B.S. in Biological Psychology at the UCSB in 1986 and then a M.A. and Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University for Humanistic Studies in 1994.

My work is a multidisciplinary, heart-centered approach, combining my clinical psychology background with mind-body wellness, spirituality, and a variety of embodiment teachings. Early on I apprenticed with Don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the The Four Agreements for 8 years who kindly declared me  “A Master who walks her talk.” I have been cultivating a deeper relationship with the Sacred Feminine in the past few years that has been incredibly potent and powerful for myself and my work. I also love to draw on current scientific research as well to support my work and programs. My own life-healing experiences and committed spiritual practice help me balance my empathic skills and sensitivities with grounded centeredness. I have walked the path from great suffering to serenity and know what it takes.

It is essential to me to create environments of mutuality and respect that infuses trust, care and reverence in my collaborations with people. People say that my “accessible, intuitive and kind presence is engaging and highly supportive” whether in one to one, group or course related frameworks.

My life work , which I call Self-Mastery, is about providing women personal and spiritual development that cultivates empowerment, purpose and success in their lives, businesses and leadership. I offer this work in five primary ways: 1) through products ie,. Books , meditations and Online Courses and 2) through Sacred Feminine Embodiment classes, Retreats and Trainings and 3) through Live Events and Retreats in Santa Fe and soon other locations 4) and through creating a free global Sensitive Soulprenuers’ Society on on Face Book and a VIP membership program for women to have sacred, safe space to grow, connect and evolve and 5) Mastermind Immersion Program for devoted journeyers, undertaking the Self Mastery work at a deeper level.

It is my honor to be of service and help women to let go of old conditioning, fears and blocks and shine their magnificent Souls, they truly are and make the difference they came to make.

So look around, have fun and see what resonates with you.

With Love and Light,

Dr. Kate

Professional Qualifications

 PhD in Counseling Psychology

 Certified Gestalt Therapist

 Certified EMDR practitioner

 Certified Wellness Inventory Coach

 Reiki Training Level Two

 Kundalini Yoga Certified Instructor

 Certified Advanced Facilitator Higher Brain Living®

 Level 5 Training Tantra Heart Path Practitioner and in Teacher Training

 Tibetan Buddhist Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness Practitioner

My Personal Journey

As a very young child, I was very sensitive and aware, I felt both a spiritual connectedness with nature, and overwhelmed with the anxious feelings from my chaotic family. I became conscious that life was hard for people and I  always in a rush to grow up and help people.I didn’t know how or why but it was very strong.

As a child, I began absorbing more of the fear and disconnection that our culture permeates. And was becoming more depressed and anxious, By the age of 12, I was feeling suicidal and that life was too much, but never told anyone, I had this lucid experience where I intuited that my  life would be a very difficult journey until later in life, when I would finally return to my true “Self;” which indeed was what happened. My path as a seeker, learner of life, spirituality and wellbeing  started early on.

My story included a generational history of the family disease of alcoholism, codependency and neglect. I went through years of depression and chronic anxiety, unhappy relationships and a mentally/emotionally narcisstic-abusive marriage. I suffered severe perinatal mood disorder and PTSD episodes during the pregnancy and postpartum with both children. I had no real help from family or friends. Parenting became a spiritual path when I decided to commit to not pass on the unhealthy ancestral patterns and issues and cultivate my faith and trust in the Universe.

Working hard to not just “survive” a brutal divorce and 18 intense years of single-parenting my two children, I was devoted to growing and healing the best I could. I utilized many psychological, spiritual and mind-body modalities and teachers to help heal and transform myself.

I started my business in the midst of it all to take care of us. As a “sensitive,” I had to develop serious self care and deep spiritual growth to be able to not just get through it all, but grow and evolve past the drama. I was determined to acquire peace, sanity, health and wellbeing. I also knew I needed to consciously create a version of success that was aligned with who I was  and my true values, or I would just be in more chaos again. And I had already been  through enough.

Then ovarian cancer showed up in 2014 became another powerful doorway to further my learning to fully accepting myself, my body and my soul path. My kids were already in challenging teenage years and struggling with their own mental heath issues from the traumatic early years we all went through. Everything escalated with the fear that I might die. It became a clear to me that all the stress I endured, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually was manifesting in this cancer. And I had a clear decision to make to stay or leave. I chose to stay and continue my job as a mother and my service to humanity.

Looking back, I can the  lessons I signed up for so clearly. I feel incredibly blessed to feel awake, authentic and thriving today. And now I am even more dedicated to helping women not just survive, but evolve and really thrive. Namaste.

My Soul Mission
To nurture and mentor Sensitive Soulpreneurial women to create a life and business that LIGHTS them up inside. Helping them grow personally and spiritually, unveil their unique, authentic gifts to share, and create a version of success that it joyful, loving and deeply fulfilling.
Who I Serve
I work with sensitive women who are drawn to be of service from their soul and help make a difference in the world.

Some women are in the beginning stages and wondering “How can I serve others?” and “What is my Purpose?”

Many women are already pursuing their business, and getting frustrated, derailed and confused about how to get where they want to be.


  My clients often identify readiness to work when they:

  • Feeling alone and disconnected from themselves.
  • Experience confusion and loss of motivation.
  • Are dissatisfied with lives, work or business development.
  • Feel stuck in old patterns and stories of self doubt and worry.
  • Worry more about pleasing others than themselves

  My 30 years of experience with clients has shown me that you will get much better results when you are:

  • Willing to begin listening to your body and intuitive soul guidance.
  • Willing to gently move out of fear and into curiosity with your life.
  • Willing to explore what really matters for you now.
  • Willing to experience the essential benefits of being embodied.
  • Willing to spend your time, energy and resources on yourself without derailing.
  • Willing to be lovingly accountable for your choices so you can learn and grow
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone and dream of the possibilities

  Benefits of Working With Me:

  • Learning to Trust yourself.
  • Experiencing the Power and Peace of being present in your body.
  • Honoring what you know, feel and need.
  • Clearing limiting prosperity and money blocks to a truly Loving Abundant life.
  • Practicing wholistic Wellness daily.
  • Redefining your relationships and patterns
  • Making conscious, Self-Empowering choices.
  • Transforming your Inner Critic into a nurturing parent
  • Defining and living your version of a Success, Fulfilling Life and Business

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