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It’s HER Turn is about the rising of the sacred feminine consciousness on the planet. It is for women who are desiring to overcome fear, challenge the status quo and spiritually awaken to find their voice, own their truth and claim their feminine power.

Dr. Kate Dow shares her personal and professional experience of what it takes as women to heal from past trauma, empower ourselves and embody our full potential in a patriarchal system. She also interviews women with uplifting powerful transformational stories for us to remember we are not alone. 

This podcast offers fresh perspectives on mental health, society and spiritual growth with inspirational wisdom, cutting-edge teachings, and simple embodied awareness practices you can use right away every day to start making a change.


In this podcast, Dr. Kate Dow connects with women about their stories, identifying our shared struggles living in a patriarchy and uncovering our hidden strengths and resources that help us overcome, grow and empower ourselves in our leadership and positive impact in the world.

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