“The most important thing Kate helped me to regain for myself was hope–the belief that I had the power to remake my life exactly as I saw fit. She gave me perspective and encouragement. She cried with me and she laughed with me. She listened to me. She taught me to listen to myself. She truly cares, and that compassion penetrates every session. Kate is not just a good practitioner, she is a good person. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.~ Karen K. ~

Dr. Kate is amazing. Her wisdom, experience is immense and I feel grateful for her guidance. I have had a HUGE shift. I feel so empowered at home, work and with friends. The fear is gone. I no longer live afraid of upsetting people. I can live my life now. I could not have done it without her.” ~ Joan ~


Dr. Kate has been a blessing in my life. As a result of my work, I’ve come to believe that I have personal worth, just like everyone else. I matter enough to take care of myself and make sure that I meet my needs.” ~ Rebecca ~

“For me, discovering a trusted guide to help me traverse the rage, sadness, and fear of the future has been a blessing – and that blessing is Dr. Kate. Working with Kate has been transformative beyond belief. Kate inspires curiosity, and curiosity encourages change; the self-awareness that so naturally and fearlessly follows is on such a deep level, like a seed that, once planted, insists on bursting through arid earth. I see my life, my body, and my being through different eyes. I’ve re-discovered and re-integrated the fierce feminine within me. My life is en-thused, and I am full of gratitude.~ Marlene K. S. ~


“Dr. Kate went above and beyond my expectations of being a knowledgeable, supportive and caring coach. She is very professional, supportive and experienced. I am having understanding for the first time in my life about what it means to love myself. Dr. Kate has given me “tools” to be a more self-caring individual. I now have an inner peace, a stronger faith and a much more fulfilling life.~ Carla C. ~

“Dr. Kate showed me how to empower myself. It was incredibly liberating and clarifying for me. I let go of the things that didn’t work for me anymore. I began to view these challenges as opportunities for growth and change. As I embark on a new role as an entrepreneur and owner of a business, I feel so lucky to be working with Kate and ready to take on a new way of life for myself.” ~ Suzanne ~

Business Owner


“I learned to stop running away from my pain and go inside. After 30 years of rejecting and running away from my body, I felt less pain, more calm and even peace. And my inner critic and anxiety is so much smaller. I am not beating myself as much. It’s a miracle.~ Linda W. ~

“Before the program I would continually get stuck in my head with my thoughts racing and my anxiety/panic off the charts. It was unbearable. Since being in the program I have learned how I can drop into my body and find my breath and just be present in my body and it has helped with reducing my anxiety quite a bit.” ~ Lisa S. ~

Online Courses

“This workshop has been one of the most successful and organized online workshops I’ve attended. It was refreshing there wasn’t parallel conversations going on. You both make a great team and compliment each other well. It was very insightful and made absolute sense in terms of utilizing the FOUR AGREEMENT and how to effectively use them in every day life. I am thankful for having the opportunity to attend.” ~ Mary H. ~

“I really enjoyed seeing how the 4 agreements can be incorporated into my life as a recovering people pleaser. I look forward to expanding my understanding of the agreements.” ~ Anonymous ~

​”Dr. Kate and Eric are masters of their life journeys and ​an empowering team. I had the privilege of seeing the breakthrough “ah-hahs” from their audience in the workshop on the 4 Agreements. These nuggets of wisdom even helped me tap into my own resilience to recover quickly from a situation that triggered me on the day of the workshop. Kate and Eric embody the spirit of the “gentle warrior” and I recommend their work for anyone who is committed to their personal growth.” ~ Devora Gila Berkowitz ~

Transformation Coach, Mindset Expert and Divine Integration Healer

“I enjoyed the dynamics, the practices, the process. Overall, very good!” ~ Ruth A. ~


“Kate’s webinar is just what I needed to boost myself out of a rut. Little by little, I had been neglecting the most important resource for my success: me. She shared 3 things I can do to help me whenever I’m feeling stressed or unmotivated and I’m using those 3 to see me through the everyday grind.” ~ RW ~

Extraordinary presentation; insightful, informative and great example – take aways that I can begin to use immediately. Actually loved it!” ~ Mary H. ~



“I had an incredible, amazing experience. Life changing. It was so nurturing, loving and positive. I am so grateful, my life oath crossed with Kate. She is a vessel of unending enduring love.~ Jo B. ~


“Recognizing my ability to make myself happy has created incredible stability and confidence. I hadn’t paid attention to what gave me joy and now I allow myself to create the world I want around me. Without judgement for the first time, I am embracing who I am and learning to love me.~ Rachel R. ~

Business Owner, Artist

“I feel much more confident, capable and free to pursue the steps I need to establish my business. Having evaluated old beliefs and released thoughts that no longer serve me, I am opening to receive my own inner guidance. I feel empowered to begin my journey.” ~ Erin M. ~

Business Entrepreneur

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