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My Mission is to help women and women entrepreneurs know they can not only face their fear and anxieties, they can overcome them, be empowered and create success and fulfillment their lives and businesses.

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My brand is about Feminine + Mastery+Power. Through Self Mastery Business Coaching women become more whole, more integrated in (mind, body and spirit) and more fulfilled and successful in their lives and businesses.



Dr. Kate Dow’s authentic voice and depth of experience leap off the page. In dealing with her own life challenges and anxiety (experiences most women can relate to), she has discovered archetypes for inspiration and guidance. Her method of harnessing anxiety to optimize your life and your experience is an invaluable tool that will help many, many people. If you deal with anxiety at any level, please read this book. You’ll be better for it, and for meeting Kate Dow!

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Nourish Your Soul and Become Fearless
Dr. Kate Dow studied with the author of The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz. She apprenticed with him for eight years. Any reader of Ruiz’s work knows that Kate learned her lessons the hard way and that each setback in her life, from struggling with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety disorder during both her pregnancies and surviving ovarian cancer, only helped her become the true embodiment of a fearless woman, who not only walks her talk, but can back it all up with years of research and training and holistic modalities like body-based meditation or somatic awareness of the connection between trauma and life experiences and the way it all affects our mind, body, and spirit. Her own Fear-Less approach relies on knowing this distinguishing characteristic for her program and that it is the primary role the body plays in anxiety. She has learned that experiencing anxiety through the body has been the missing link in most theories and practices on how to reduce this unwanted stress in her own life and that by applying the three archetypes of woman – the Queen, the Heroine, and the Goddess – she will guide each one of us who tries her program to identify the different archetypal aspects of ourselves that we can draw upon to defeat anxiety in our own lives. As someone who has struggled with anxiety and depression both for the past four years, I am ready to jump on board with this program. In her conclusion, Kate uses a quote by Jean Shinoda Bolen, another fearless female author, “When you recover or discover something that nourishes your Soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” It is definitely time for me to make room in my life for the soulful work of Dr. Kate Dow.
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Can’t tell you how I came across Dr. Kate’s page and the 30-day challenge she was offering and this incredible book. All I know is that I felt gravitated to participate in her challenge and read this book. It captivated me from the first chapter and has been an incredible learning experience and if you’re willing to do the work, you’ll be sure to experience personal change. If you value your happiness and think it’s worth working towards then I highly recommend this book. Sending much gratitude to you Kate for taking the time to reach out, offer helpful tools (her book Fear-Less is an incredible read) that has allowed me to start on a new path towards some incredible life changes. All in all, if you want change – read the book, utilize the tools you need to find your true self and start living your life.
Mary H

Dr. Kate’s varied experience allows her to implement ‘Toltec, Yoga, Indigenous and Buddhist lineages with Psychology, Archetypes, Wellness Coaching and current Mind-Body research’ into her approach to overcoming anxiety. But maybe what’s most effective is the personal touch she has – you feel she’s dealing with the same stuff that she’s helping others deal with. This allows her to be a coach and peer at the same time. She is as passionate and empowering as they come.

Turning anxiety into a positive - a multi-disciplined and personal approach

I love Dr. Kate’s book. I have been working through it over the last few weeks and am working on some of the suggested practices throughout the book. She empowers women to use their own inner-strengths to heal body, mind and spirit! In learning and practicing daily self-care, I have diminished my anxiety significantly!! Dr. Kate guides you through step-by-step and gives encouragement along the way! There really is a way to squash that anxiety that always wants to pop up when you least expect it!!

Freedom from anxiety really IS possible!!

With Dr. Kate’s wise words, “Self-care starves anxiety”, you may very well do what I did and weep. A good weep. A weep that comes from having read and recognized a deep truth. This book is amazing. If you’ve ever wondered how to manage your daily or even seasonal anxiety, you’ll be glad you found this book and adopted Kate’s practice. Doing so will help you transform your anxiety into self-awareness and strength. This is a must read for all of us. I am honored to have read and be recommending this treasure.

Erica Ross-Krieger M.A., BCC / EFT Specialist

If you – or someone you know – are bone-tired of living the ravages of anxiety and want your life back, I highly recommend this book. With empathy and insight, Kate offers a path for “changing our old default patterns in our brains and bodies so we can be in charge.” Kate has clearly lived this path, refusing to be taken down by fear in truly daunting situations any woman can relate to. Gently and incisively, she guides us back to our body where anxiety takes hold and shapes our perceptions, thoughts and actions. In my own somatically oriented executive coaching practice, I consistently encounter accomplished leaders who battle with anxiety and need better options for leading under pressure. We all get to benefit from Kate’s tenacious commitment to living a beautiful, luscious life with grace. This book could be a beacon of light in a very dark place to take the steps you need for “showing up and living with new awareness of yourself, which will empower you to live a life without anxiety.”

Beata C. Lewis, JD, MSC – Executive Coach & Change Consultant –

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1. Tell us about the book and why you wrote it?

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3. How do women relate to their anxieties and fears generally?

4. Why is this important for women to know?

5. How could women entrepreneurs benefit from this Self Mastery work?

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