Resilience is such a great word, isn’t it?

I look back on my life and wonder, “Have I been resilient?

And the answer is sometimes.

And many times not. Because of my stress, anxiety, and reactions to things.

Being a highly sensitive person, with an empathic make-up and genetic predisposition for anxiety, kind of set me up for it.

Do you relate to that?


The Growth Journey

It’s been a long journey of learning and trying new things to see how I could be more resilient, resourced, and responsive to life instead of reactive.

And this journey is ongoing, believe me.

I can say, I’m grateful.

>>It has helped me feel less “victimized ” in life and know I can always step back and see what I can do to better support myself.

>>It has helped me have more self-esteem and confidence, even when things are rough and I’m feeling stretched and a bit hopeless.

>>It has helped me stay connected to what matters and not let myself go down the rabbit holes of self-sabotage for too long before I snap and shake it off and redirect myself.

Especially at this time, more than any other in my lifetime, we are being asked to be more resilient.


Call For Resilience

In the face of a pandemic, an economic crisis. raging fires, and national divisiveness, we need to come together.

How can we create resilience that can strengthen us but doesn’t stiffen us?

This is where my discovery of the power of calm comes in.


“Calm isn’t an isolated resting state. It is a creative, agile flow of receptivity, resilience, and trust.”


🌀Calm is the place of self-regulation as we walk through the challenges of fear, anger, and grief.

🌀Calm is the ability to see our pain and hold space for healing.

🌀Calm is the fear-lessness of meeting life on life’s terms and stay standing.

🌀Calm is the doorway to develop our embodied empowerment and leadership as women.


Calm is a quality of feminine power.

This is the power we can access through feminine embodiment.


Calm in Action

How would you like to tap into that inside of you? and have the resource to be resilient right now?

When we learn how to be more present in ourselves and our somatic awareness, we develop new resources that help us deal with our life’s challenges in new ways.

We cultivate a calm that becomes this resilience superpower especially women who:

  • *struggle with stress and insecurity.
  • *you are an overachievers tuck in overdrive and overwork.
  • *suffer from anxiety, panic, depression.
  • *react, not respond to life’s challenges.
  • *are a burned-out people pleaser.
  • *struggle with chronic health issues.
  • *sensitive, introverted, and perfectionistic.
  • *can’t move forward on your dreams.
  • *afraid to leave a bad relationship.

If you relate, it’s your turn to learn how to transform fear and sensitivities into empowerment.


Resilient Choices

My new online program “Cultivate Calm and Confidence Within” was created for women with anxiety and stress, women in transitions, women coaches, women entrepreneurs building their businesses who are tired of being alone, isolated, under-supported, overwhelmed, and tired of it.

This program is an experiential, interactive, program that supports women to be more resilient and resourced to make the changes they want to make and feel more connected and supported at this critical time and have the safe, loving container to grow, learn, evolve together.

If this calls to you, know there are only a few days left to register here.


Dr. Kate Dow is a life and leadership coach, educator, and psychologist. She is a TEDx speaker and best selling author of “Fear-Less: The Art of Using Anxiety to Your Advantage.” Dr. Kate helps women navigate challenges, embody their potential, and manifest their dreams with feminine confidence, wisdom and empowerment.

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