Sacred Feminine  Embodiment Work

Embodiment work is about becoming balanced mind-body-spirit. It is ancient wisdom for growth, consciousness and enlightenment.

I teach it to women as powerful way to reclaim ourself authority, our bodies, our energy, our sacred feminine connection and our personal power.

~It is spiritually-based and non-religious.

~It will magnify the impact of any modality or practice you already do.

~It will change your life.

Ready to Reclaim Yourself, your energy, your body, your sensuality, your self love, your personal power?

Ways to Learn

Guided Embodiment Meditations

Each month I create a new guided meditation to support you in your growth and evolution. These will be in various formats, that may include kundalini yoga meditations, pranayama breath-work, creative visualizations and body centered healing and emotional processing for specific outcomes. You can purchase and download them and use for your personal and spiritual development. And of course, the more you use them the more powerful they are!

Sacred Feminine Tantra Classes

I offer live and online classes in the sacred feminine embodiment work. These are classes combining kundalini yoga, somatic meditation, and sacred feminine empowerment tantra.

These classes help women to realign with their mind-body-spirit and access a deeper connection with themselves. Embodiment practices are sacred, ancient and profound. In my point of view, these are the essential missing piece for most women to step into their power, truth and purpose.

We reclaim our vitality, creativity, intuition, wellbeing, vision and productivity in life, relationships and our work. We remember the joy, light and love of being alive as we increase our consciousness and  authentic connection. This sacred bodywork brings us home.

Powerful trainings in the certification levels of this work are offered only 1-2 times a year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. See the Calendar for more information.

“I had an incredible amazing experience. Life changing. It was so nurturing, loving and positive. I am so grateful,                 my life path crossed with Kate. She is a vessel of unending enduring love.”

~Joannie B.~

Business Woman

Live Retreats and Trainings

Live events are powerful opportunities for experiential, transformational renewal and radical change. They range from one day workshops in different cities to three to five day retreats in beautiful places. Some are for specific training in Tantra and others are focused on certain themes for growth and development.

When women come together in sacred space, they are deeply transported within themselves and as a community. The world is remade when this happens. We are that powerful. It is time now for us to actively seek out this kind of collaboration and connection for ourselves and humanity. Go to the Retreats and Live Events on the Navigation to get more information.

“Recognizing my ability to make myself happy has created incredible stability and confidence. I hadn’t paid attention to what gave me joy and now I allow myself to create the world I want around me. Without judgement for the first time, I am embracing who I am and learning to love me.”

~Rachel R.~


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