Self Mastery Complimentary Goodies Corner

Welcome Sensitive Soulpreneurs to your Goodies Corner!!

It is my desire to support, guide and uplift you as a sensitive soulpreneur. Here are some great ways to start learning and applying some Self Mastery tools.

I want you to grow in the ways you know that will help you feel more secure, empowered and fearless in creating the life and business that lights you up and fulfills you.

Have fun checking them all out.


Self-Worth Meditation

This guided meditation will help you connect with your inherent worth from the inside. You will go on an inner journey and find your place that connects you with this larger sense of self and magnificent self worth that you are always a part of. Enjoy!

Bedtime Sleep Rituals

This Bedtime Rituals pdf reveals the important ways we can positively influence our sleep. Learning how to support ourselves mind, body and spirit, to get essential rejuvenating sleep can make an enormous difference in our mood, health, productivity, and wellbeing. Enjoy!

Sitalu Energizing and Cleansing Pranayama Breathwork

This guided pranayam will clear your mind, cleanse your energy and energize your body. This is a great one to use when you are stressed out and exhausted.

Increase Your Awareness & Understanding of People Pleasing

This audio mini-course explores how we end up being a people pleaser, how we experience it and how it drives us to behave certain ways in relationships. And begin nurturing ways to shift it.

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Schedule an Empowerment Discovery Call

If you would like to know more about Self Mastery work and how it could serve you, set up a call with Dr. Kate. There are many ways to begin learning, growing and evolving yourself and your business today!


If you know you are ready to dig deeper NOW and dedicate more to your forward movement in your business and life, you may want to check out the SS-VIP Group.

This is a 12 month membership where you get more access to me, to my archived and new content and to the powerful teachings and practices of Self Mastery for Empowerment and Success. Go see what is included HERE.

You can go get on the waiting list at the bottom of this page and you will be given the first spots when the doors open again.

Lots of Courage and Compassion,

Dr. Kate

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