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What Services are Offered

Self Mastery Programs

Self Mastery Programs involve levels of essential personal and professional development to be more proficient, effective and powerful in our businesses and leadership, while cultivating more ease, flow and fulfillment. When we develop all dimensions mind, body and spirit, we evolve to a new level of what is possible, powerful and purposeful. Each level necessarily builds on each other and are best integrated in sequence.

Level One focuses on Self-Mastery of our Inner Self-Awareness as the primary asset of our business. We strengthen our identity confidence and resilience, fear-less mindset, emotional intelligence, and self-care for sutainability and satisfaction. We embrace our nature, needs and gifts.

Level Two develops our Self Mastery of Conscious Relationship with our business, people, money, success etc. We further grow our capacity for clear appropriate boundaries, elevated perception, descision making and genuine, empowered communication.We refine our authentic relational skills that expand our ability to grow our business with excellence, liveability, and prosperity.

Level Three expands our Self Mastery Connection with Divine Consciousness. We  understand the foundation of our soul relationship with our business. We advance our experience of the deeper meaning and, fulfillment in our choices. We develop a more global visionary purpose in our leadership.

Learn more about The Self Mastery Level One Program opening for applications here.


Speaking Events & Business Trainings

Dr. Kate Dows’ work of Self Mastery as Public Speaking and Business Trainings is available upon request.

The principles of Self Mastery apply in  Business, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Empowerment for CEO’s, professionals and organizations seeking greater success, fulfillment, and joy in their personal and professional lives.


Dr. Kate went above and beyond my expectations of being a knowledgeable, supportive and caring coach. She is very professional, supportive and experienced. I am having understanding for the first time in my life about what it means to love myself. Dr. Kate has given me “tools” to be a more self-caring individual. I now have an inner peace, a stronger faith and a much more fulfilling life.”

~Carla C.~

Financial Advisor

Live and Virtual Retreats

Live events are powerful opportunities for experiential, transformational renewal and radical change. They range from one day workshops in different cities to three to five day retreats in beautiful places.

When women come together in sacred space, they are deeply transported within themselves and as a community. The world is remade when this happens. We are that powerful. It is time now for us to actively seek out this kind of collaboration and connection for ourselves and humanity. Go to the Retreats and Live Events for more information.

Feminine Empowerment (Embodied)

Feminine Empowerment work is a part of Self Mastery for women in Level 2 and 3. I offer local and (online classes soon) sharing the powerful ancient wisdom of Kriya Yoga and other embodiment methods as well ie, kundalini yoga, somatic meditation and yoga nidra restorative relaxation processes. This practice awakens us further to our own body wisdom, life force energy, and our connection with the Feminine Power and Energy principles within us. For more information go to this page.


“I feel much more confident, capable and free to pursue the steps I need to establish my business. Having evaluated old beliefs and released thoughts that no longer serve me, I am opening to receive my own inner guidance. I feel empowered to begin my journey.”

~Erin M.~

Business Owner

Self Mastery Membership Site

This Facebook group is for women in business who are devoted to their furthering their growth, success and evolution in their businesses, leadership and lives. Women who interetsed in trying on the Self Mstery teachings in a light way.

We have a (Secret) Face Book Group where we create a sacred, safe and confidential space to grow. We share our inspirations, encouragement, challenges, successes and  visions together to quicken transformation. And I provide teachings about Self Mastery in units, calls and fb lives. Learn more to sign up.

The Alchemy of Mastery Group

A small handful of people a year who have completed the first and second level of Self Mastery programs get to secure one of these spots to work directly with me for a year. Their developped personal and spiritual growth  are ready for the plunge of deeper transformation.

There are monthly group calls with other mastermind participants and 1-2 retreats a year with them. By application only.

“The most important thing Kate helped me to regain for myself was hope–the belief that I had the power to remake my life exactly as I saw fit. She gave me perspective and encouragement.  She listened to me. She taught me to listen to myself. She truly cares, and that compassion penetrates every session. Kate is not just a good practitioner, she is a good person. I am forever grateful to have her in my life.”

~ Karen K. ~

Nurse/Retired Pilot

“Fear-Less” Speaking and Book Signing

Dr. Kate Dow can provide speaking and book signings upon request at events that are relevant to personal, business, amd wellbeing development. See the media page for contact info.

You Tube Self Mastery Channel

I am starting a Self Mastery Channel on You Tube to share about Self Mastery work and the importance of our development across the spectrum of mind, body spirit.

It will include videos on personal and professional developoment and practices related. My channel is Dr. Kate Dow

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