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Fear-Less: The Art of Using Anxiety to Your Advantage


Transform your fear and anxiety into empowered freedom!

Are you tired of your fear and insecurities blocking your life and business?

Fear-Less is a handbook for women full of teachings, stories and practices that guide the reader back to their essential feminine wisdom, abilities and power. With the help of our feminine archetypes we empower our journey of healing mind, body, spirit.

These teachings have made a remarkable difference in Dr. Kate’s life and thousands of her clients over the past 30 years.

It can for you too.


Reset Your System


Learn how to bring embodied awareness, breath and deep relaxation into your body-mind to reset your energy, focus, and clarity.

Support Your Deep Sleep


Creating a bedtime ritual for sleep that helps you engage your breath, focus, relaxation, and intention for a deeply restful night of sleep.

Throat Clearing


How to energetically clear your throat of emotional, energetic blocks in order to communicate more freely and easily.

Empower Your Prosperity


Through deep relaxation, you are guided to embody your internal abundance and resources, and tap into the flow and vision of prosperity and possibility.

Reconnect With Your Self-Worth


Bringing presence and attention into your body, you will restore your relationship with your essence and consciousness, knowing your inherent worth.

Stress-Less in Your Nervous System


Learning to use your breath, imagery, intentional tension—relaxation, presence to create a new pattern—for your nervous system and body.

Shining Your Light


Working with your heart center and third eye, connecting with your own soul vibration and light, and creating the safe opening to experiencing it fully.


Energy Wisdom: 5 Secrets to Saving Time and Money


These teachings and experiential practices will help you manage your energy wisely to help support you in your life and business.

Get Clear of Fear and be More Productive


Move out of stress, fear and self-sabotage and effect positive focus, creativity and productivity in your life and work.

Aphrodite’s Salon


A fun, embodied experience of self-love and reconnection with the archetypal energy of Aphrodite and our own feminine capacity—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Embodiment for Abundance Mindset Shift


Identify what “mindset” is and how we can energetically shift our stress, fear and survival mode during the pandemic and life’s other uncertainties. These embodied practices and tools using our mind, body and spirit will help us align with expansion, relaxation and abundance.

Reinventing Time Management and Workflow


Shift how you relate with time and productivity through how you show up in your presence, alignment and mastery in yourself. We discover the feminine qualities of leadership that support our work with more focus, creativity, and intuitive wisdom for sustainable success.

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