The Gig is Up, Perfectionism⚡️😲⚡️
You can no longer pretend you are our leader, friend and cohort.
All you tell us are stories full of lies.
-That we will be better than ever if we listen to you.
-That we will be safer and more secure
-That we will be more approved of, accepted and loved than ever
We know you actually hurt us with shame, blame and pain.
Keeping us stuck in cycles of never ending judgment.
You just make us sicker, stressed and worried all the time…
It’s time to take our power back from you, Perfectionism.
It’s time to learn what REAL EMPOWERMENT looks like.
Perfectionism is a fake, fearful imposter posing as empowerment”
When we develop and grow our real personal power, we are never critical, mean and worried in the same way.
We feel expansive, accepting and loving with ourselves AND others, which of course is the opposite with perfectionism where we feel in constant fear of being enough and better than and we obsess and compare ourselves with others in am attempt to feel ok.
But in perfectionisms grasp, we are never OK are we.
We are trapped in the deceitful story of ‘just keep trying harder.”
Real empowerment comes from inner self-love and acceptance that we foster with Self-Mastery development.
It is power from within, not without. It is not of the mind but of the soul of who we are.
This where we start with creating real safety and security within ourselves. We no longer need other people’s approval and acceptance.
We know who we are and accept ourselves.
And as women entrepreneurs and leaders, this is so critical
When we lead ourselves from real empowerment, love and acceptance, we can role model and lead others to their empowerment.
This is the domino effect of change we are building, right now.
And you are the foundation. Ready?
xo Dr Kate

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