You are here because you are an entrepreneur, coach, or expert who is finding the challenges and stressors of running your own business leading you more often into places of worry, overwhelm and success blocks.

Whether you are developing your business, up-leveling it or managing a new expansion, you are seeking practical and powerful ways to make your life less hectic, stuck and unfulfilling.

Running your own business doesn’t need to lead to burnout, fear, loneliness and sickness.

Unfortunately, normal business transitions can be all of those things, when we forget that our business success depends far more on our “inner world” than our skills and marketing strategies.

We all want to be successful and we need to the best tools to do it right the first time. Not after we have become burned out, sick and given up.

With Self Mastery Business Coaching Programs you learn how to retain your edge and live with more ease, inner peace, fulfillment while you create business success.

“Use your time, energy and effort the right way the first time around.”

XO, Dr Kate

Give Me A Break!

Relieving Pressureūüí• is crucial as an entrepreneur. ¬† We have so many hats to wear, responsibilities to maintain and steps to take that we have to cultivate skills we can count on to continue to be our best each day. ¬† This means having healthy ways to address the...

Women, Where Does Fear Hold you Back?

No matter how smart, schooled and sophisticated we can be, we all have fear.  And we all can be challenged by it. We may be a powerful leader and still have places that we cringe from fear and it keeps us up at night. It's in our makeup as a human being. Our reptilian...

The Gig is Up, Perfectionism!

The Gig is Up, Perfectionism‚ö°ÔłŹūüė≤‚ö°ÔłŹ ¬† You can no longer pretend you are our leader, friend and cohort. ¬† All you tell us are stories full of lies. ¬† -That we will be better than ever if we listen to you. -That we will be safer and more secure -That we will be more...

Be Empowered Over Small Business Anxiety and Chaos!

With transformative Self Mastery wisdom and practices, Dr. Kate will mentor you in cultivating your:

~ Calm, Clear and Aligned Energy 

~ Well-being and Work-Life Flow 

~ Intuitive Decision Making and Prosperity Mindset

~ Confidant Motivation, Vitality and Focus

~ Empowering and Effective Perspectives and Strategies

Let’s get started.

You can see the different Self Mastery Business Coaching/Mentoring services I offer Here.

Or You and I can jump on a Zoom/phone call and talk about what you are ready to create in 2019!

I am ready to be your biggest Advocate 

xo Dr. Kate

“Dr. Kate offers¬†a refreshing, wholistic and realistic approach. As a woman/mom/wife business owner I found Dr. Kate to be invaluable in terms of steering me through the challenges that women & super achievers face as business owners. Dr. Kate clearly has the power and experience to help guide us to the successful, all encompassing, all empowering results we all seek.¬†I wholeheartedly endorse her to anyone woman in business.”

~ Lauren ~

Business Owner

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